A Letter to My Clients

It is time for a little honestly, especially now when honesty seems to be in short supply in this country!  I want to thank each and every one of you for allowing me to photograph you and your wonderful families over the last several years.  I love getting to know you, your children, and spending time capturing the smiles, some scowls and certainly plenty of chaos.  You all have helped me gain experience and build my portfolio and it has been wonderful.  

My clients are smart and I’m sure you understand that while you may only see me for an hour or two during your session, that there are hours of work that go into those final images.  Not only is there my time for the session and editing, there is also the cost of running a business.  There are camera lenses and bodies that need to be purchased and maintained, websites hosted, software with which to edit, hardware on which to store all of your images, marketing, and continued education through professional certifications and workshops just to name a few.  Up until this point my family has been subsidizing my business due to my low session fees and giving the photo files away for free.

So what next?  I recently completed an amazing business course just for photographers, run by photographers and I learned an astonishing amount.  I learned about pricing sessions and products and how to please your clients while also paying yourself as a photographer so you are not operating as a charity. Amazing!

I am excited.  I am excited to continue learning and growing as a photographer.  I am excited to keep building relationships with families around the community.  I am excited to work with small businesses to develop their brand through marketing.  And I am excited to charge competitive prices for this service. Please find my new session and collection prices for 2017 at this link:


As a thank you to my returning clients, I am offering 25% off the collection of your choice through the end of 2017.  Now that all of my little people are in school and I have time to myself each day, I am also looking to expand my client base, so tell your friends!  Word of mouth advertising is how Becca Hagen Photography works, so referrals are greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for your support and I look forward to working with you all again soon.


Becca Hagen





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